Saturday, 27 February 2016

Thankfulness and humour

Simba playing with a gift

“You need to laugh... I don't trust anyone who doesn't laugh."
Maya Angelou (author & poet)

There are a multitude of ways of expressing gratitude and it doesn’t have to be serious.  Laughing, smiling with someone, sharing a joke, can be a way of appreciating them and bringing some lightness to their life.

When I was young my two older brothers frequently teased me, and indeed exchanged what might be considered ‘rude’ remarks. We bantered names such as ‘cheesy chops’, ‘cauliflower ears’ or ‘flannel face’. There was no malice and indeed I found it reassuring. In fact I saw it as a sign of affection. It was used equally and not as a put down but as an acceptance. Perhaps it stopped each of us from taking ourselves too seriously? We are not perfect and that is okay, we are still loved and loveable as we are.

I am very grateful for humour. It can help in relationships. Have you ever watched two people arguing about something and thought if they only stopped for a minute they would see how absurd it all is? Humour can diffuse anger and tension when used carefully (It can also mask bullying or a form of control when used to put someone down.)

The Dalai Lama for me exemplifies someone who enjoys life, frequently laughing and smiling and finding gentle humour in the everyday. He has said that he is a ‘professional at laughter’!

Today: I’m thankful for a special friend who makes me smile inspite of suffering from cancer and undergoing radiation.


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  2. Watching Simba chase a toy mouse is always a delight and makes me giggle :) x